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A TOUCH FREE, quick, secure and sanitary glove dispenser

Virus / Bacterial Protection

The AeroGlove touchless, sanitary glove applicator allows you:

  • Put on sterile gloves to help aid in the exclusion of virus and bacterial particles

  • Enable the safe dispensing of gloves which help aid as a barrier o fcontact with these germs, microbes and particles

  • Reduce the risk of cross contamination

  • Promote safe personal hygiene practices to your customers

The AeroGlove dispenser is a superior product.  The gloves provide protection from infectious agents, but this unit also establishes a more adequate standard and procedure of applying the glove in a clean, sterile condition.

The AeroGlove offers an over-glove option that can easily slide over a Nitrile or Latex glove, or can be used by itself. It is an inexpensive and disposable option for users compared to nitrile or latex, and is offered in a biodegradable resin. 


Restaurants/Food Service Protection

Restaurants are a great place to find germs and contaminated areas. From bar counter tops, to restrooms, to chairs and money handling… contamination is everywhere.

Proper hygiene among employees in your commercial restaurant is very important to ensure food safety. Because the impact of foodborne illness can be devastating to both a restaurant and its customers.

A combination of a proper handwashing routine and proper use of disposable gloves is the best way to minimize risks associated with foodborne illness.

The AeroGlove allows simple and effective cleanliness with ease of disposal.

Pharmaceutical Protection

The Aeroglove dispenser unit is the perfect product for the pharmaceutical industry, not only protecting the pharmacy worker from chemical hazards and drug absorbtion, but also by protecting consumers medications from becomning contaminated.

Contaminated pharmaceutical products are a danger to the end-user, who would not be able to determine from sight, smell, or touch that their product was contaminated or toxic.

As standard practice dictates, you should never wash or reuse any disposable gloves.

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