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Bio Based,
Carbon Capturedearth2earth® Sacks, liners and films

earth2earth® Bio-based Carbon Captured is a 100% recyclable film made from the ethanol produced from sugarcane — this amazing material stores 200kg of Co2 for every 1000 kg of product produced. TUV certifies the film for its bio-based content and The Carbon Trust for its carbon footprint.

earth2earth bio-based bags
earth2earth recycle sugar-cane
earth2earth carbon captured bin bags

Features and Benefits

Removes Carbon from Atmosphere

Carbon footprint is Minus 0.2Kg. per Kg. from cradle to gate. Therefore removing 200 Kg. of C02 per tonne of material.

Sustainable and Renewable

Manufactured from ethanol produced from Sugar cane.

100% Recyclable

Can be recycled with fossil-based plastics.


3 layer co-extrusion reduces thickness and increases strength. Uses less material.

Certified by The Carbon Trust and TUV.

The Carbon Trust certifies our products carbon footprint and TUV certifies the bio-Based content.

earth2earth Green PE lifecycle
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