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925 DCOF

Tribometer Kit

The ASM 925 DCOF meter follows our philosophy of a developing tribometers or slip meters. It is smaller, lighter and easier to use than other DCOF devices. The meter ships as a complete kit with everything need to get started including a hard shell roller carrying case.The meter tests to the industry standards for DCOF and is designed to reduce or remove the variables between different operators using the equipment.


As can be seen on the picture of the bottom, we have a single SBR sensor that travels an approximate 2 inch travel. The four corner plunger style switches operate the start and reset of the test foot along with an error code if the meter is lifted slightly or the meter is not held tight to the surface. There will me a message that the meter was up early and the test is cancelled. There are 2 positive stops on each end of the travel slot so the meter can not be pushed down any harder than is required to run the test. There are 4 rubber bump stops to assist in grip on the surface.

Each side is marked with black lines to assist in knowing where the sensor travel area is.

The ASM 925 meter, with the 8.5″ x 6.5″ outer dimensions, will test 4 directions on most stairs.

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